Who wouldn’t want to own a Dairy Queen branch? I know I would! I go to the nearest DQ branch often enough that I think it would do well enough. The thing is, I do not have enough money to start my own store. With this new game, though, I can pretend otherwise!

DQ Tycoon is the newest in the tycoon-type of games. Much like the other games in this group, DQ Tycoon is a time management game, wherein players would have to manage the fast food chain. I think it was released a couple of months ago but, surprisingly enough, I was not able to get wind of the news. Rest assured that I will be getting my hands on this game pretty soon. It is available at Big Fish Games (download) for $19.99. If you are a member of the Game Club, you can even get it for as low as $6.99. This is the description of the game:

When a record-breaking heat wave hits the city, Emily becomes the new hire at the local Dairy Queen store. Now, armed with a vast selection of cool treats, sprinkled over with some quick business savvy, you can help Emily climb the ranks to become the most prominent business manager in town. Budget for staff, weigh daily goals against long-term benchmarks, expand the franchise to encompass four exciting locales.

“¢ Invent new Blizzard flavors
“¢ Manage up to four locales
“¢ Watch your franchise grow!

I am not expecting something totally revolutionary from the game but if it is anything like the other tycoon games that I love, then I am sure that this will be a good game to play over the holidays.

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