One of the most common questions that we get asked about video games is “How do I beat the blitz in Madden”? Of course the answer to this question is going to depend on a number of factors suc has where the blitz is coming from, what type of blitz, etc.

If the linebackers are blitzing around the edges, you should definitely run “up the gut” between the tackles and center. A lot of players like to blitz their linebackers just outside the defensive ends. This is considered one of the least risky forms of blitz because it doesn’t leave the defensive player exposed for the deep ball. However, it is one of the easiest blitzes to exploit. Just keep pounding the ball up the middle for 5+ yard gains. Another possibility is to hit the receivers on quick slants to the inside. Without linebackers to cover the middle of the field, you’ll have an easier time completing your passes.

If the linebackers are blitzing up the middle, then you’ll want to run lead block run plays to the edges. The lead block should protect you from any linebacker that breaks through unblocked. Another option is to is to send your running backs on short flat routes to the outside. Without linebackers for coverage (they’re blitzing after all), you could bust open a big run after the catch.

If corners are blitzing, you should definitely send your best receivers on deep routes. With either linebackers or safeties covering your receivers, you’ve got an advantage and its worth the risk.

If you are getting blitzed by 7-8 men at a time, go into shotgun, and simply hit your receivers on crossing routes. No one will be covering them, so it should be pretty easy. Just make sure not to hold onto the ball. Hike, step back, pass.

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