The other day, I wrote an article about how I’m pissed about Nintendo’s lack of communication with consumers. How many freakin’ times do I have to call up EB Games or Gamestop asking if they have any Wii’s in stock?

This got me thinking. There’s an even greater shortage of PS3s than Wiis. But in my view the problem is fundamentally different. Sony has been up front and forthright about the fact that it is running behind on production levels for PS3. However, Nintendo has given absolutely no public indication of why the Wii is in short supply. Presumably, they want us to think that the sole reason is high-demand. But from what I hear, Nintendo, too is running into production problems and will not have as many Wii’s shipped as they earlier reported.

As I said in my earlier piece, the main problem is no the lack of availability for the Wii, but the lack of communication from Nintendo. On the other hand, PS3 availability is quite limited, but Sony has set our expectations in the right place and been honest in telling the consumer exactly why the PS3 is not as widely available as we had hoped.

So, I remain pissed at Nintendo and not at Sony and the reason has everything to do with lack of communication with customers.

4 thoughts on “How PS3 Availability is Different Than Wii Availability

  1. Hey there,

    Just so you know, the Wii produced units according to the sales it recieved with the Gamecube (which was around 8% or so). When the demand for the Wii was much higher than 8%, that is where we began to have shortages. It is the fault of high demand and not Nintendo for the lack of Wii’s, all they did was produce according to what they predicted would be their share of the market. Any major electronic magazine confirms this

    Just so you know,

  2. I haven’t seen any lack of PS3s… Every store I’ve gone into has at least 3 sitting on the shelves. That’s why nintendo can’t keep up, nobody wants the PS3. I agree that it would be nice if Nintendo would help us find a wii, but honestly it isn’t their job in my mind. That’s the responsibilty of the individual retailers. There are a couple of companies that have gotten themselves together enough to react to the high demand – on you can check the availability at all of their stores in your area.

  3. Let’s discard the rhetoric for a minute and look at the picture.

    For example: A GameStop, Fry’s or Best Buy will sell the Wii. 99.99% of the time, they are out of stock. Why is this? Their BIG ORDER is 3 units. Thats all, 3. They don’t know when they will get them, usually takes 2-3 weeks to get 3. That is all. Then they are gone in 5 minutes, as they say, at all 3 places. So they are out of stock 99.99% of the time. Whoever Managed this Fiasco at Nintendo, should be beaten for missing a HUGE MARKET! Ignorance can be fixed. But DUMB, is to the bone!

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