We’ve all heard the news that the eagerly anticipated PS3 is set to be released in Japan on November 11, following on the United States on November 17, 2006. The price tag to expect for the two configurations available is $499 for the 20G and $599 for the 60G hard drives. According to some online polls, many gamers arent yet convinced that this steep price tag is worth their hard-earned money, but with some interesting new features as well as games, it will still probably make gamers want to check it out. Here are some of its best features:

  • password protection so that only you can access your games
  • improved support and compatibility
  • profile system which can auto-configure games to default controls
  • wireless controller with 6-degree motion sensor

Last year, Sony announced that the new PS3 would come with the following: 6 USB ports, 3 Ethernet ports, 2 HDMI outputs. But then in May of this year made some changes. This was that for the cheaper 20G package, you would NOT get some pretty important features like a memory stick, SD or Compact Flash support, without support for HD output. A raw deal? Maybe. But those willing to spend that extra $100 for the 60G would get all those thiings and more, like Bluetooth, digital optical and AD output. And of course like all the fancy consoles on the market today the fact remains that the $599/699 pretty much just buys you the bare basics. Add on to that your games (with around 120 available with the new PS3), controllers and accessories, and you’re easily up to a grand.

Worth it?

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