According to Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest names in the video game development industry, sales are going to suffer in the following months. Despite the fact that the Christmas season is just around the corner, EA thinks that the sales of games will not be as high as it used to. This could be a logical way of thinking, based on the economic trends that have been prevailing in the world markets for the past year.

However, it seems that EA is alone in taking this stance. As a matter of fact, other major players such as Ubisoft and Nintendo announced a higher sales forecast. So which is to be believed?

As a video game player and not a developer, I really am not concerned much about this. What I am concerned about is whether or not I can afford to buy the games that I want ““ Christmas or not. At this point, I have to be honest and say that I have not bought a single PS3 or Nintendo Wii game in the past month. If times had been normal, I would have had bought at least 2 games. Then again, these times are as far from normal.

However, I only represent a fraction of the video game market. There are so many other people from different backgrounds and walks of life who are still buying video games. I am sure that the people at the higher end of the spectrum can still buy their video games on a regular basis. I am interested to hear about the average joe out there, though. Are you still able to continually buy video games or do you wait for the titles that you really want?

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