So I was kicking ass in Wii boxing when I thought to myself, “Last night’s episode of the Office was so damn funny. I wish I could watch it again….”

Is this the future of TV?

At first I thought I’d try to track it down on my laptop. Then it occurred to me: true the Wii really isn’t well suited for high-frequency browsing (no keyboard), but since I’ve already got it hooked up to my big screen TV, why not give her a whirl with online video?

Wii Menu

When I first set up my Wii I wanted it souped up so I downloaded the Wii Opera browser before even playing any games. After one try, I really didn’t think I’d use it anymore since it just wasn’t convenient to type in URLs.

Wii Browser Favorites

But the Wii browser does have a favorites section. So, you really only have to type in frequent URLs once. In the case of video, just find a good source of online video, favorite-it, and keep coming back (and hope they don’t get shut down!)


My video source of choice is PeekVid. They seem to carry the most comprehensive and up to date TV shows.

The Office Season 3

Like I said, I wanted to watch last night’s Office again. So I selected it.

The Office Duane

And off we go. An interview at Staples.

The Office

The birth of a practical joke.

So what did I think

Here’s the skinny. Video quality wasn’t great, but it was manageable. However, it couldn’t scale to the full size of my TV without getting pretty grainy. Sound was much louder than my laptop…since it was playing over my surround system system (though certainly not using 5 channels of sound!).

While this wasn’t TV perfection, I certainly hope it is a vision of how TV will happen in the future! And it all happened on a Wii.

7 thoughts on “How I watch TV on my Wii

  1. What about this, get tivo record your funny shows and wath them on your tv whith Clear vido?YOU IDOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS NOT THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!TURN OFF THE WII AND WATCH TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now if it was a portable game system, that would be better,but I think Dish Network will make a portable tv with satilite tv and a dvr before nintendo or sony does.

  2. I disagree. This is an insight into the future of TV. Screw TiVo. This is video-on-demand! You can watch what you want, when you want! Admittedly the quality is crap right now, but hopefully we’ll see an improvement in the future. Good enough for my poxy 19″ screen.

  3. Did the sound work ok for you first.

    I have tried this and pic works ok but wii browser (opera) won’t allow access to the extra controls for turning up the sound or going full screen.

    any tips?


  4. I tried watching some episodes and the page never loaded or if it did there was no sound anyone have any ideas to fix that problem?

  5. I tried peekvids and the shows load but no sound. I tried sliding the volume bar but no luck. I am also using wii. Any suggestions?

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