Agent 47 is back in two new games this year...sort of.

Hitman:  Absolution–the new Hitman game from developer Io Interactive and publisher Square Enix–will be releasing for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 20.  Those who want their fill of Hitman action sooner can preorder Absolution through select retailers to gain access to Hitman:  Sniper ChallengeSniper Challenge is basically a standalone Hitman mission that can unlock stuff in Hitman:  AbsolutionHitman:  Sniper Challenge will be available on May 15 for Xbox 360/PS3 and August 1 for PC.

-Nick’s take:  Now, this is a cool preorder bonus.  For basically nothing, you’re getting a new full-fledged Hitman mission.  Hitman:  Absolution does release dangerously close to some other big holiday releases, though.

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