I’m so excited about this trailer that I really can’t form coherent sentences. So go check it out on youtube or on IGN for the full experience.

Of course now I feel like a clown for having traded in ODST, which if you remember, allows you instant access into the Halo: Reach Beta on May 3rd.

So keep those discs handy boys and girls.

As for whats actually in the trailer, here are just a few of the things people have spotted.

  • Custom Loadouts for powers. (Which the devs have already explained will be in multiplayer)
  • Jetpacks (Halo going Tribal?)
  • New Weapons: Needling Rifle, Covenant version of Spartan Laser, Grenade launcher, Designated Marksman Rifle.
  • Modes: Invasion, Spartans vs. Elites, Headhunter and The Arena. (Halo gametypes have always bothered me, Reach might be the one to turn it around.)
  • Active Rosters. (This could have something to do with Clans or simply a way to enter friends games.)
  • Targeting reticule increases in size as accuracy lessens with continued fire.
  • Maps in the trailer: Spillway, Yard, Rock Garden, Atrium, CIC, Smelter, Powerhouse level 2, Barren Field
  • New Sweet Looking Assassinations (The animations look like they take a while, I hope this doesn’t have the same effect that the stealth kills had in AVP.)

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks.

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