So thanks to the February issue of Game Informer we’re getting our first solid information about the upcoming installment in the Halo series.

Reach is set prior to the events of Halo: Combat Evolved and puts you in the shoes of Noble 6, the newest member of Noble Team. Noble Team is a six man squad consisting primarily of Spartan III’s (The heavy weapons specialist Jorge-052 is the only Spartan II) who will be instrumental in defending Reach from the invading Covenant.

Reach will definitely bring us back to the feel of Combat Evolved, with the original selection of guns (sniper rifle, plasma pistol, sword, assault rifle, magnum, and needler) making a return, along with a few new ones like the designated marksman rifle and needle rifle, as well as a non regenerating health bar.

Bungie has beefed up the tech behind Halo: Reach to allow a number of things that weren’t possible for the earlier games. 20 to 40 dynamic lights at one time, the number of on screen AI characters has doubled from 20 to 40, as well as motion capture for all cinematic sequences (Which are going to be numerous considering that Bungie has already stated that they’re taking a more cinematic approach to Reach.) are just a few of the improvements you can look forward to when Reach drops later this year.

With the outcome of the story already known (Reach falls to the Covenant, sparking off the events in Halo: Combat Evolved) it seems as though Bungie is going to instead rely on their amazing story-telling abilities to round out the Halo saga, and with the amount of Halo fans out there, they better do a damn good job.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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