Halo 3 was released in Europe and the UK this morning with rather less in the way of fanfare than was evident in the US. Stories still keep flooding in from the Americas and here are some more that caught my eye.

halo3scratch2jpg.jpgThe limited edition disc scratching scandal has been addressed by Microsoft and has also been found to be less widespread than was first thought. From today until new years eve MS are going to replace any damaged Halo 3 LE disc or Essentials Disc. The scratched discs were discovered to be a fairly localised problem when it was revealed by Games Digest that Australian versions of the LE pack had more secure packaging which prevented the discs from rattling around inside the box and protective foam just in case the disc does come loose. (From NeoWin and Games Digest.)

The last two stories that I stumbled across are of a lighter nature. Bill Gates was on hand at a Best-Buy near his home in Redmond, Washington and carded the first purchaser, 17 year-old Ritesh David, to make sure he was the requisite age. The second lighter story is a video history posted at loadingreadyrun.com supposedly made in the year 2029, chronicling the downfall of the human race due to the prevalence of Halo and its effect on our culture, the punchline is a killer. (From GamePolitics and loadingreadyrun.)

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