It began on the Halo 3 Bungie forums with a post from someone calling themselves Adjutant Reflex, bright yellow text which read “This will be a good place to start” and a strange glyph as his avatar.

A cryptic email sent apparently by Microsoft (though the sender field reads ‘Xbox’) last week continued the mystery, the same glyph that adjutant used was visible in the background of the email (You can just see it etched into the stone to the right):

sota_protester_stonehenge.jpgThen Times Square in New York was invaded by a group of what seemed to be protesters with the same glyph emblazoned on placards and t-shirts, handing out leaflets about and organization known as “Society of the Ancients” (or S.O.T.A). Not content with populating the interweb with cryptic sites, a la ilovebees, it looks like the viral campaign for Halo 3 is infringing on reality as well.

Update: The protesters have apparently been seen in London as well and were spotted in Central Park, NY yesterday.

If you want to partake in this marketing madness here are some links:

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