h3_e32006_finishthefight_1600.jpgOver the last few days there have been rumours, allegations, denials, broken street dates, and the first review. The Halo 3 hype has taken on a life of its own and is building to its climax next Wednesday. Don’t expect any posts on that day as I attempt to play through the entire game in an afternoon (an impossible task, but I’m going to try anyway) so I can bring you a review as soon after release as possible.

Microsoft were said to be banning form xbox live anyone who played the game, either online or off, before the street date, this was later switched to refer only to MS employees, and then refuted completely. You would have thought that it would be impossible to get a hold of the game before its due date, not so. A Norwiegan retailer sold two copies last week, an Aussie put a copy up for sale on Ebay (earning him a ban from XBL till the year 9999) and in the UK Argos have apparently been selling the game, though they’ve stopped now.

The Legendary edition (the one with the helmet) has sold out in the UK but is yet to do so in the US, just going to show that P.T. Barnum was absolutley right: there is indeed one born every minute. I’ve reserved my copy at my local retailer (it’s GAME I’m afraid, my principles couldn’t stand up to the constant barrage of marketing) and will only be purchasing the standard edition, its the game that is important, not all the crap they bundle with the special editions just so they can squeeze a few more dollars/pounds out of us.

Speaking of the game itself, the first review has been published, in the notoriusly stringent and hard nosed Famitsu magazine in Japan. Famitsu is famous for the toughness of its critics and its sometimes harsh attitude towards western games, for Halo 3 to get a score of 37/40 is phenomenal and bodes well for review scores on our side of the world. To put the score in perspective, Halo 2 only got 34/40 and Halo 3 shares the 37 mark with Blue Dragon, the original Metal Gear Solid, and Gears of War.

No doubt the fever will continue to build until people are exploding on the streets from sheer anticipation, all I have to say is that MS and Bungie better not dissapoint, or there may be riots.
(From The Internet, you really can’t avoid it.)

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