The price points for the upcoming Halo 3 SKU’s have been revealed along with confirmation of what each edition contains:

The Legendary Edition will retail at $129.99, and comes in a collectible Spartan helmet case, will be individually numbered and includes all sorts of extraneous stuff that doesn’t affect the game at all. (Videos, featurettes, storyboards, concept art and the like). This edition will only be available at selected retailers in limited numbers for a limited period of time. You’d have thought that for twice the price of the standard game you’d at least get two games worth of playable content, or even an exclusive badge for your Live account which you can lord it over your mates with. All I can say is that the helmet better be wearable.

The Limited Edition will come in a sleek metal collector’s case, not unlike that produced for Halo 2 and retail for $69.99. It will have approximately half of the useless stuff included in the Legendary edition and will be available for a limited time from selected retailers, supposedly in unlimited quantities.

Then of course there will be the standard verision of the game which doesn’t have any extras and retails at $59.99. Personally I would go for this one but if you simply must have usesless crap with your game then I would stick with the Limited Edition rather than the Legendary. You only really want the game anyway, that’s the meat of it. No details as yet on UK or European pricing but I would expect us to get gouged on this one just like we do on everything else.

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