h3_e32006_finishthefight_1600.jpgThe multiplayer beta of Halo 3 finished yesterday, leaving the worlds haloers without anything to do until 26th September. Here are some suggestions for things to do to while away the months until the game’s release;

  • Put away the 360 to lessen the possibility of three red rings between now and then. There would be nothing worse than having a broken console on release day, the solution is not to use it at all until then.
  • Slather on some sun cream and take up an outdoor activity such as hang-gliding, bungee jumping (If you can leap their offices then what are you doing playing Halo in the first place?) or seal clubbing. You may find that the real world offers more thrills and excitement than the pixellated one.
  • Read the Halo novels and comics, over and over again. It may lead you to realise that there are other stories out there, not involving everyone’s favourite spartan.
  • Get a summer job to save up for the legendary edition, meet your future wife at said job and never play the game again.
  • Chase your friends around the local parks shouting “Headshot” and corpse humping, this could end up with you spending time in a mental institution until release day. Three squares and really strong drugs should take your mind off the wait.
  • Go back to playing Halo 2, I know it’s not the same and will have lost some of its charm but you may get some satisfaction from beating the 6 people who are paying through the nose to play it on a PC. Show them that your pad is better than a keyboard and mouse

Gaming moments takes no responsibility for any behaviour which leads to the damage of persons or property due to someone reading this post. If you can’t tell a joke when you read one you need to get out more.

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