The Halo 3 multiplayer beta test is going live on May 16th and will run till June 6th, Microsoft and Bungie have announced. Available only to eligible 360 owners who have gained a place in the test through the ‘Rule of Three’ promotion or have purchased a copy of Crackdown. Included in the beta will be three new maps (not rehashed Halo and Halo 2 maps) and new weapons and vehicles with which to cause Halo based carnage.

Also the UK edition of PC Gamer has been pretty scathing in a preview of Halo 2 on the PC, due for release on May 18th. No surprises there, its an old game which doesn’t compare well to newer titles such as Stalker and games based on Valve’s Source engine. It is also Vista only, which means that you have to upgrade to play it. You can read my opinion of Vista with regard to games here.

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