skullpatch.gifDue to the multiple breakages of the street date across the world, or a deliberate leak from MS/Bungie, Halo 3 is already available to be downloaded. Its a PAL version so it looks like it either originated from the Scandinavian breaking of the street date, or the Argos debacle in the UK. MS have been steadfast in their condemnation of such behaviour, sayin g:

“…we take the protection of our IP and copyrighted materials, and that of our partners, very seriously.”

Personally I’d rather have a relatively stable, working console than a chipped one which is likely to fall over if you look at it wrong. Free games just aren’t worth messing with your already unreliable hardware for. As always we at Gaming Moments in no way condone or approve of piracy of any kind and do not encourage our readers to participate, If you want a game you should pay for it and reward the people who made it.
(From TVG.)

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