halo-2-arbiter-posters.jpgIt seems that I was right in predicting bad reviews for Halo 2 Vista, Gamasutra’s regular Critical Reception column rounds up various reviews and their scores and comes to the conclusion that Halo 2’s age has let it down. The game has been described by some reviewers as “a relic” and “mediocre”. All I can say is “I told you so.”

It should come as no surprise that the game fares badly, it is 2 years old after all and things have moved on considerably since it came out on the Xbox. Gripes that reviewers had with it include tha fact that anyone using a gampad (On Xbox or PC) gets autoaim as a default with no discernible way to turn it off, whilst mouse users have to rely totally on their own accuracy. This highlights another prediction that I made about Microsofts cross platform multiplayer games, namely that the PC versions would be nerfed in the name of balance (so the console kiddies didn’t get their arses handed to them basically.) All in all Microsoft’s first two forays into console vs PC gaming have failed to gain any critical acclaim whatsoever. Time for a rethink maybe? (From Gamasutra.)

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