All we have from Rockstar is the trailer, though some details have leaked out:

  • You’ll be able to call out from your cellphone, giving you more control over the missions you do and how you interact with people.
  • The PS3 and 360 versions will be the same, with one exception being that there will be downloadable content available through XBLive. There is still some debate as to whether the PS3’s Blu-ray disc will have more on it to begin with however.
  • If you hadn’t guessed already it’ll be set in Liberty City (New York) with five of the cities boroughs to explore.
  • There will be multiplayer! Yes, you read right. I’ll say it again just to make sure though: There will be multiplayer! While not of the same scope as an MMOG (how cool would That be?) there will be more to it than the two player rampages of previous outings. It will be separate from the single player game and apparently “…fun, interesting, and progressive.”

While there’s no news yet of a PC release, I’m sure there’s one in the works and by the time its released I’ll be able to afford a Machine that makes it look as pretty as it does in the trailer. (From

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