I have never been much of a fan of video games that are spin offs of movies. The simple truth is that many of these games are hurriedly made. For some reason, it seems that the game developers merely put together a hastily created concept based on the movie, without really delivering much in terms of gaming experience. We all know that there are some exceptions, though, and one of these is the first Godfather game. It was quite entertaining and challenging at the same time.

Now, they have come up with a sequel, Godfather II. I was all excited about it ““ things could only get better, right? Besides, the movie has been out for ages so you would think that they have enough time to create a super game.

Am sorry to inform you that this sequel seems to have followed the trend of crappy video games based on movies, and I am not alone in thinking so. Garrett Martin of the Boston Herald has the same sentiments:

“The Godfather II” is less an adaptation of the film sequel than a continuation of the previous game. It’s surprisingly uninspired, not only failing to improve on the original, but regressing noticeably. The core game play has barely changed, rehashing the same goals and mission types found in the original. Players control Dominic, the nondescript new don of the Corleone family. Michael Corleone appears as a nonplayable character, with no explanation as to why he’s not in charge. Under Dominic, the Corleones wage war with rival families, take over their businesses and destroy their compounds. This shakedown-and-shootout formula was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the original, but the sequel refuses to move forward. The game’s pervasive lack of polish also is highlighted by defiantly mediocre graphics and the regular repetition of character and building models.

With the technology that is available today, and the time that the developers had to make the first game even better, I cannot help but wonder what happened. Any clue?

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