I still remember playing Farm Frenzy a long time ago (well maybe less than a year ago, I don’t know exactly when it was). My colleagues and I went crazy over that game. The funky music, the cute graphics, and the engaging game play all added up to make that game one heck of a casual game.

Casual games are here to stay, and the Farm Frenzy series is one of the reasons. Alawar Games recently released the sequel to that first hit game. Dubbed Farm Frenzy 2, the second installment is not that much different from the first game but in many ways, it gives you a different experience.

The graphics, for one, are so much better in my opinion. The animals look cuter and at the same time are more real. Even better, there are more animals that you can play with. In addition to the chickens, pigs, and cows, you can now have ostriches which produce feathers. Of course, this means that you have more products that you can manufacture and sell for a higher price. There are also different kinds of bears ““ first there is the panda bear, then you have a brown bear, then I think a grizzly, then a polar bear. The bigger the bear, the more money you can get for it.

I am not sure but it seems to me that there are more levels. They are also a bit more difficult ““ I mean you have shorter times to get gold and silver. This does not take away from the game but makes it even more challenging. I am telling you, you should try this game!

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