It used to be that video games mainly fell under the men’s turf.  This assumption couldn’t be more wrong if applied to today’s context, though.  Take a look around you and you will see a good number of women actually playing video games.  Let me tell you, the world of gaming is not limited to the male population anymore!

This is why gaming companies and game developers are actually exploring this market.  An article I read even goes as far as to say that game developers are now turning their focus towards women gamers. SFGate relates:

Key said the video game industry is realizing that, in the same way the girls defied the prevailing wisdom and proved enthusiastic athletes, they’re also aspiring gamers.

“We found through research that girls are gamers; they just aren’t traditional gamers,” Key said. “Girls are clearly interested in playing video games. They just don’t want to play the same games their brothers play.”
With the recent popularity of the Nintendo Wii console and DS handheld system, which have topped the sales charts because of their creative and accessible game play, publishers are turning their attention to girls in a big way. This holiday season will feature lineups flush with games that are specifically designed for girls or to appeal to both genders.

Some of the biggest include THQ’s All Star Cheer Squad, Electronic Arts’ Littlest Pet Shop, Disney Interactive’s High School Musical 3 and Ubisoft’s Ener-G Dance Squad and Party Babyz.

Some serious gamers might scoff at these findings but hey, you can’t deny the fact, can you?

1 thought on “Girls Just Want To Have Fun

  1. Why is it assumed that a game has to be about babyz, kittens, dancing or some other ‘girly’ activity for it to appeal to girls?
    Why should there be games that are for boys and other games that are for girls?
    Why is it that ‘games for girls’ seem to have lower production values, are obviously cheap and derivative, and are almost always involve a tie in with a ‘girly’ toy or TV show?

    I realise that those of the female persuasion may not be as interested in Lara’s boobs, or guns and explosions as us lads, however this does not preclude developers and publishers producing games of quality which appeal to both the male and female halves of humanity.

    Games like Spore, The Sims, Beyond Good and Evil, and Dreamfall: The longest Journey. Games with depth, story, strong characterization and drama. Games that speak to the part of us that is human not just the part of us that happens to be male or female.

    I have a big family and so know many girls of varying ages. The pink and fluffy games are interesting to them for about 10 minutes when they’re 8. Once they discover that there are better games out there (games ostensibly marketed at boys) the ‘girly’ games are dropped like last weeks boy band. They’ll play Tomb Raider, not for the joyous bounce of Lara’s cleavage, but to find out how the story ends. When I introduced my 12 year old neice to Beyond Good and Evil on a rainy afternoon, she cried (I’ll leave it to those who know the game to guess where in the story this happened, don’t want to spoil it for the rest of you).

    We don’t need games for boys and games for girls which pander to the stereotypes which our culture foists upon us. We need more games for people, about people, and which people care about.

    Of course girls don’t want to play the same games as their slower to mature brothers. Neither do they really want to play games about babysitting, getting your nails done, or looking after puppies, but if thats the only choice they’re given of course they’re going to take it. Give girls (and boys) games of substance and you’ll find that the pink and fluffy variety will be forgotten in an instant.

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