Okay- I’m giving away a secret here. God knows why! I have been selling online casinos for years!! And this is how-:

1. Firstly, you find a domain name that is “catchy” and “memorable”. Try and think what would attract you as a gambler to go there. Or make it seem like another well-known casino that it already out there, and you might get players by default. Also, make sure it is a “dot com”. Don’t have any hyphenations or numbers within the domain name. I tend to pick ones on particular themes, like animals or cars. Past casinos that I have sold include-:




and so on….you get the idea.

2. Go to the United Partner Program website and sign up as an affiliate. This is not a well-known affiliate program, but I can tell you from experience that they are reliable payers and have excellent tracking systems. Once logged in, you will be able to see how- by using your domain name, you can create your own online casino. There is the added advantage of multiple languages and as a further benefit, even if you are United States citizen (I have been asked this question many times!), there is no legal reason why you can’t own this casino as you are not the “operator” and it is not “within” the United States.

3. You can download there and then the zipped file of your casino with the default skin, which will look like this-: Davidoff Casino.

4. The software that United Partner uses is Grand Virtual gaming software, so the graphics are excellent. Your earnings are based on profit share in terms of your players’ losses over a month. So let us say that you had 10 players who lost in total $3,000. You would get from 15-50% of this profit, depending on the amount (the more lost, the higher your % share). This is risk-free, as if there is a net loss over the month and your players happened to have been lucky and won- you are not liable for any loss and the slate is wiped clean for the next month.

5. And there you have it. For the price of a domain name and getting a few players to gamble, you have your own “online profitable casino”. Personally, I decide to cut and run early- sell up and do another one. On average- I sell about 2 per month for $100- so not a bad little side-earner for very little time or money invested.

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