Anything can be addicting if you let it be.  Food can be addicting.  Watching your big screen plasma tv can be addicting.  Listening to your iPod can be addicting.  Even work can be addicting.

Not surprisingly, gaming too can be addictive.  Let any blood shot video game player tell you.  Games suck us in, they take us into a virtual world with its own rules and its own heuristics.  Within the game, we want to accomplish something.  Games are driven by goals.  Acheiving the goals can become addictive.

This brings up an interesting question.  If all games can be addictive, then why do we single out only certain games like poker and blackjack as being uniquely addictive?  Is it just because those games are SO popular?  Or are those games specially addictive?

Sparky at PokerMoments has an interesting commentary on the recent movement towards a United States ban on online poker.  Basically, she suggests that the problem probably isn’t with the activity (poker) but with the addict him or herself. Addiction is a personality problem that requires therapy – the person must be changed.

Perhaps what we need is a socity that trains its citizens to avoid addiction.  But then, McDonalds and other corporations that depend on addiction would go out of business and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

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