long term readers might remember my essay a while back about ‘The Great Gaming Moment‘, well in an upcoming interview in the UK edition of PC Zone. Gabe Newell, Head bod and chief Twinkie eater at Valve has revealed his definitive half life moment, and its not quite what you might expect.

hl2dog.jpgIts not the original test chamber where the saga begins, nor is it the battle with the combine gunship whilst hanging by your fingernails off the bottom of a bridge. Are you sitting down?

“I think when you’re playing catch with Dog with the gravity gun. That was where a bunch of things came together. Even though there’s no big explosions and nobody getting shot, you’re still having a great experience.”

And you know what, he has a point. Dog is a big robot, who can lift cars, dumpsters and all sorts of really heavy things, but at heart he is just a dog. Loyal, playful, mischievous, everything that a real dog is, that sequence brings that across perfectly. You could almost believe you were throwing a frisbee for your ladbrador retriever, if you ignore the towering mass of metal that bounces playfully in front of you, waiting for you to throw his ball one more time. Genius, and not at all what people would think of when you mention video games.
(From CVG.)

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