Where is your happy place?  I know everybody has one.  Some like to sit and woolgather for hours on end.  Others read a book.  Some would just go to sleep and find their happy place in their dreams.  How about a relaxing video game?

Is there such a thing?  For those who have been playing nothing but first person shooter and similar games, you might doubt highly that you could find a video game that will relax you the same way that a day at the spa might.  However, with this new video game from Game Factory, this is quite possible!

Dubbed Flower, the new video game is created by Jenova Chen.  He describes it this way:This is a video game version of a poem dealing with the contrast and the harmony between the urban and the nature.“  Furthermore, he says that Flower is some sort of “interactive therapy.”

Recently launched on the PlayStation Network ““ which I still cannot access right now due to my dead PS3 by the way ““ the game is all about flowers, as the name suggests.  More so, the game promises to bring you the dreams that flowers might have as they find themselves trapped inside an urban jungle.  The idea is for you to control a petal using your motion-sensitive controller.  It floats and glides in the air like, well, a petal, and brings you to different landscapes that are quite dreamy.

If you’re thinking LAME! ““ critics are saying that it is anything but.  I have no personal experience with it but I would like to give it a try.

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