Casual games are here to stay ““ and even the more “serious” gamers are finding themselves excited over the release of the newest casual games.  One of the favorites of casual game enthusiasts is the “dash” series.  I do not really know when it all started but ever since Diner Dash came out with Flo as the star, every single “dash” game has been met with welcoming arms.  The other games do not really have Flo as the star and even though they were still good, they just seemed to miss something.

So this new “dash” game comes as a much needed relief.  Cooking Dash is very much like the other dash games in that you have to manage your time well in order to get good scores.  You also have to match the customers with the colors of the seats and you get bonuses for every match.  You also get to meet some of the old characters in the Diner Dash series.

However, the game is not merely a rehash of the other Diner Dash games.  In fact, there are added twists to the game play.  One thing that makes the game a bit more challenging is that instead of merely having to get the customers’ orders, you also have to prepare the dishes that they order.  There is a variety of dishes, making the game challenging enough even for the most seasoned of casual gamers.

I have not finished the game ““ yet ““ but am looking forward to some spare time so I can get absorbed in it once again.

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