Mass Effect 2’s final downloadable content pack has finally got a release date, and it’s just around the corner.

Mass Effect 2: Arrival will tell the story of Commander Shepard’s journey to the fringes of the galaxy to save an undercover operative who could have crucial information regarding a possible upcoming Reaper invasion.  Arrival is meant to bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 and 3, setting the stage for the final confrontation between the galaxy’s inhabitants and the Reapers.

“All year, we have been extremely honored and humbled by the reception we have received for Mass Effect 2 from players around the world, including our post release DLC”, said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer, Mass Effect series. “Mass Effect: Arrival is an exciting extension to Mass Effect 2 and will show players just how close the Reapers are to returning and completing their deadly harvest.”

Probably not a love interest.

A problem I find with a great number of DLC packs out there is that they rarely add anything to the game itself, they’re created as a means of generating cash-flow rather than deepening the background and story of the game itself, Bioware stands out as an exception to this. Bioware has done extremely well in the DLC market, their efforts have extended the game-life of Mass Effect 2 by continually generating new content for players to chew on.

Last year, Ray Muzyka, BioWare CEO, told X360A that the support has been “outstanding” for the DLC thus far, allowing them to plough more cash into building more content.

“So the fans have been incredibly supportive and that allows us to invest more back for them,” he continued, “Building more content, making sure it’s really awesome, and try and sustain it post-launch. That’s one of our goals in all of our franchises.”

Hackett Returns

Speculation continues as to what we’ll see in Arrival, but you can be sure there will be a few throwbacks to previous ME moments, including the return of Admiral Hackett,  voiced by the ever-popular nerd favorite, Lance Henriksen.

Mass Effect 2: Arrival is scheduled for release on March 29th for 560 MS points, 560 Bioware Points,  or $6.99

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