Don’t expect to ever see a Final Fantasy VII HD remake.

Remember when Square Enix showed off an amazing HD video of Final Fantasy VII to show what the series could look like on the PS3?  Remember how sad you were when it was revealed that it was merely a tech demo and that Square Enix had no plans to actually remake Final Fantasy VII in HD for the PS3?  Well, I’ve got more bad news for you–it doesn’t look like an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII will ever happen. Yes, for any true-blue FF7 fanboy, that’s as bad as not getting a gift on Christmas or missing out on the biggest jackpot on Partypoker.

In a Q&A session during Square Enix’s annual shareholder briefing, company CEO Yoichi Wada said that a Final Fantasy VII HD remake will only happen if Square Enix releases a new Final Fantasy game that is better received both critically and commercially than Final Fantasy VII was.  Wada-san explained that the reasoning behind this mandate is that the series would be done for if an HD Final Fantasy VII remake were released and that staff assigned to the remake would have to be fully committed to working on the game.

-Nick’s take:  The last three Final Fantasy games–XIII, XIII-2, and the atrocious XIV Online–weren’t exactly well-loved.  Final Fantasy VII, on the other hand, is considered by many to be the best JRPG of all time and has apparently sold over 10 million copies worldwide.  In other words–don’t hold your breath for an HD Final Fantasy VII remake.

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