logo_fifa08.jpgEA have announced a slew of new features available in the latest game in the FIFA football (soccer) series, foremost of which is the ‘Be A Pro’ system I’ve mentioned before. Other additions take the form of being able to chain skills and special moves, no longer having to wait for an animation to finish before regaining control, and updates to the game’s AI and shooting system designed to take more variables into consideration and let the action flow more realistically.

Online play introduces the Interactive Leagues, virtual versions of the the real F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French league or Mexican 1st division, which allow you to play as your favourite team. As well as these new features, the entire game is also much bigger, featuring 620 teams, 30 leagues and over 15,000 players, all officially licensed. Enough for lovers of the series to get their teeth into.

The game will be released across all formats, save the original Xbox and GameCube, in the Autumn, sometime around the start of the football season. (From Kikizo.)

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