I know a lot of people who would grab the chance to shake things up physically with the people at Wall Street. Talks of bail outs and stimulus packages may sound good to many but there are still a lot of people who think that the guys in ties and dark suits need some sense knocked into their heads.

And if that is what you are thinking, then you might want to get your hands on this new video game brought to us by Addicting Games. Dubbed the Trillion Dollar Bailout, this FREE arcade and classic game gives you the chance to dish it out to the greedy people in the finance sector. Ok, I know that that is such a sweeping generalization ““ not everyone in Wall Street is that way. Still, that is the public’s general impression and hey, with this online game, you can kill time while doing something kinda socially responsible.

How does the game work? Just follow this link to the Trillion Dollar Bailout and let your mouse do the playing. You are President Obama’s personal moneybags. You are given a trillion US dollars to help the economy. People will definitely come up to you asking for some of your stash. It is up to you to deny people or help them out. From Wall Street preppies to hobos from the streets, you will encounter these people. How you decide to dispense the bailout cash is entirely up to you!

This sounds like a fun game to play on a boring Friday afternoon at work, huh?

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