hydraconsole.jpgThinkGeek is selling a DIY games console kit for $200, just the thing to while away those rainy summer afternoons. The Hydra Console Game Development Kit includes everything you need to build the console and program your own 8-bit masterworks in Hydra Tiny BASIC, Spin (a hybrid of C and BASIC), or Assembly Language (for the really brave people).

The Package includes:

  • The HYDRA Game Console with 128K EEPROM and various I/O interfaces.
  • 9V DC Power Wall Adapter.
  • PS/2 mouse.
  • PS/2 Mini Keyboard.
  • Nintendo (NES) Compatible Control Pad.
  • A/V Cable.
  • USB Programming Cable.
  • 128K Re-Programmable Game Card to store games and applications.
  • Blank “Experimenter” Card to design your own add-on hardware.
  • “Game Programming for the Propellor Powered HYDRA” hard copy book by Andre LaMothe.
  • CD-ROM with all source, demos and development tools.

(From Boing Boing.)

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