Interested in Resident Evil 6? Then you should download the demo for either Xbox 360 or PS3 on September 18.

Owners of the action/RPG Dragon’s Dogma have been playing the divisive Resident Evil 6 demo for weeks.  Now, it looks like everyone will soon be able to play it and determine for themselves whether they like the direction Resident Evil 6 is heading.  Capcom announced today that a demo of Resident Evil 6 will be coming to Xbox Live and PSN on September 18.  While Capcom didn’t specify what the demo would contain, it’s unlikely they’ve created a different demo from the one that came with Dragon’s Dogma.

-Nick’s take:  I’ve heard very different reactions to the Resident Evil 6 demo.  Personally, I don’t like the way the game looks so far, but the real test will be how it all fits together once the full game is released.

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