eve_tv_logo.gifEver ones to push boundaries and try new things, CCP have launched an internet TV channel for their epic space MMO, EVE Online. The weekly show, hosted by live anchors SpiralJunkie and StevieSG, will feature news from around the EVE universe, collected by a core reporting team and a multitude of in-game correspondents.

Originally formed as a way of broadcasting last years PvP tournaments, MMM Publishing who produce E-ON the official EVE magazine, have teamed up with CCP to bring a professional news show to EVE players, featuring economic and political news, as well as behind the scenes coverage of events such as the upcoming EVE FanFest. I do have to point out that the ratio of male to female reporters (those that appear on-screen) bears no resemblance to the actual ratio of male to female players, and they do sem to have picked the female reporters for their looks.

I find myself wondering if other MMO’s will follow suit if this effort is successful, and will we eventuallybe getting more coverage of such things on ‘real’ TV. I’m also wondering if CCP have thought about a rolling 24 hour news channel with up to the minute economic data and other news. Now there’s an idea for a corp…

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