pshome-screen0.jpgThe latest upcoming European release dates for Sony’s consoles have been let loose on the web and it seems that Home, their Second Life-a-like online community system, will be coming to Europe next month, much earlier than anyone would have expected.

Home has been in the beta stages of testing for a while now and promises to be something of a killer app on the PS3, giving each PSN user their own online space which can be personalised and added to with things purchased on PSN or trophies from games. There is the possibility, mentioned at the EIF in August, of users being able to create and trade their own. Major brand names look set to get in the act aswell, allowing users to buy digital versions of their goods (trainers, t-shirts and the like) alongside real world items.

The October 11th release date is as yet unconfirmed by Sony, we all remember when they got the date wrong for Lair a few months ago, and so may not actually be the correct date.
(From CVG.)

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