ps3-black.jpgA recent FCC filing, made available through freedom of information in the United states, hints at a new version of the PS3 becoming available before the end of the year.

Rumoured to be a cheaper model with a 40GB hard drive, only 2 USB slots and no memory card slots, the model has been nicknamed “PS3 lite” by bloggers. Sony is denying all knowledge as you would expect but they have until October 19th to make an announcement before images and documentation from the filing are made fully available.

The release of the PS3 lite (if it is in fact a reality) at a cheaper price point than the current models, may give Sony the turnaround in sales they so desperately need. They are currently trailing both the 360 and the Wii by quite a large margin in terms of units sold. While this is in no way conclusive evidence that a cheaper model is on the way it would stack the odds in favour of it.
(From Gamesdog and Games Digest.)

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