Governor Rick Perry
Governor Rick Perry

Only in Texas, you may say but hey, this sounds like fun and a good thing for video game enthusiasts throughout the state! Texas governor Rick Perry has declared February 3 to be “Entertainment Software Day,” a first for the United States. If you are wondering why he used “entertainment software” instead of the more understandable “video game,” don’t ask me. Perhaps it is because the latter is not very official sounding? I don’t know but at least there is such a day in Texas now, right?

The Escapist has a feature on this topic and stated that this day has been created to:

“”¦honor of the contributions of Texas-based videogame developers to the state’s economy and culture. Governor Perry’s proclamation coincides with the passing of resolutions in the Texas legislature recognizing the value of the games industry in Texas. The resolutions were spearheaded by Senator Bob Duell and Representative Dawnna Dukes, who have previously worked to secure financial incentives for game developers in Texas.

“The support of Governor Perry, Senator Duell and Representative Dukes for the entertainment software industry in Texas is an endorsement of the artistic and economic contributions our industry has made to the state,” Mike Gallagher, the CEO of the Entertainment Consumers Association, said. “These lawmakers are helping grow our industry as we work to create new jobs for Texans; boost the state’s economy; and help discover new ways computer and video games can improve the ways Americans live, work and play.”

Indeed, the gaming software industry in Texas has contributed a lot to the state’s economy. And with gaming NOT dying out in the foreseeable future, there is a lot more at the horizon. I wonder if other states with a robust game development industry will follow suit?

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