GTTV’s Geoff Keighley recently had the opportunity to interview Bethesda’s Todd Howard about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, while the 15 minute interview didn’t really unveil any new gameplay details it did shed some light on a few technical aspects that we haven’t heard about yet.

We won’t be playing as a dragon, throwing snowballs, or making snow angels, but players will be able to completely customize their characters in ways not seen before in the Elder Scrolls universe. Using skills, abilities, and weapons will increase both their individual levels as well as your character’s overall level, a feature that is intended to balance out the leveling issues found in Oblivion and allow players to change their character around instead of being locked into a particular skillset.

When asked about Horses and their implementation in Skyrim, Howard had this to say.

“I would say we want to do that, it’s something we are definitely messing with. We just want make sure we to do it right, so if it’s a feature we think is really good and adds a lot to the game we’ll leave it in, and if we think is rough and we can’t get it there we’ll probably take it out, but it’s… I don’t want to promise it yet but it’s something we’d really like to have.”

If Skyrim has half of what we’ve heard, then it’s likely to be one of, if not the best game of the year. Really though? Is there any doubt that Skyrim is going to be amazing? When have these guys ever let us down?

The interview can be viewed over at Gametrailers.

Todd Howard Skyrim Interview Part I
Todd Howard Skyrim Interview Part II

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