Those bones in the background represent the bones of the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel that will almost certainly never see the light of day.

Kingdoms of Amalur:  Reckoning was a great EA-published action-RPG that didn’t sell well enough to keep developers 38 Studios and Big Huge Games in business.  If there ever was a sequel, however, it seems that EA would want to publish it.  Speaking with Game Informer magazine, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau explained that EA ” saw a lot of creativity and vision in the team that Curt [Schilling] put together. We thought the game was terrific. It reviewed well.”   He said that–because of this–EA wants “to be a partner” for a potential Kingdoms of Amalur:  Reckoning sequel.

-Nick’s take:  I’d love to see a sequel to the unfortunate Kingdoms of Amalur:  Reckoning, but that isn’t going to happen since the developers are out of business.  It’s a shame when a promising new potential franchise such as this is cut short.

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