EA won’t have the NCAA football license exclusively for much longer.

Football fans, rejoice; EA is giving up its stranglehold on the football video games market!  Well, its stranglehold on the college football games market, anyway.  A class-action lawsuit filed back in 2008 that claimed EA is violating anti-trust laws because of its football game exclusivity deals has not gone the way EA had hoped.  EA has agreed not to renew its exclusivity deal with the NCAA for at least five years, starting in 2014.  What’s more, customers who bought EA football games–be they NFL or NCAA–can get a miniscule amount of money back from EA if they so desire.  Unfortunately, EA still has the exclusive rights to make NFL licensed games.

-Nick’s take:  Madden NFL is a good football simulator, but I’d like to see another developer provide some competition to EA.  Unfortunately, the lawsuit settlement that EA agreed to only covers the NCAA exclusivity deal, not the NFL.  At least college football fans might have another game franchise to look forward to come 2014.

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