Any person who calls himself a decent gamer would know what E3 is about.  This is the biggest conference in the gaming world that is held every year to draw countless journalists, gaming enthusiasts, gaming executives, and just about anybody in the gaming world.  I have heard, though, that this year’s E3 was not as big as the E3s of old.  Indeed, a lot of talk has been going on about how E3 has deteriorated ever since they decided to cut the budget a couple of years ago.

Anyhow, one interesting turn of events is the fact that the video game industry seems to be targeting those people who are called casual gamers alongside with the hard core ones.  You know the stereotype of an avid video gamer?  The geeky-looking kind of guy who does nothing but spend his time in front of his gaming console?  They guy who has played all the hard core video games that have been released?  Well that is not the casual gamer.

The casual gamer is the sort that would play games like Lips, a karaoke style game that will be released for Xbox later this year.  As opposed to that, the hard core gamer would be looking for games like GTA IV.  Get what I mean now?

I do not like labels but I am in favor of this spreading out of games to target a wider audience.  This, of course, means more money for the video game companies but this also means that people who are not so good (or who are not so into) the harder video games will have the chance to play with these awesome gaming consoles with games that are easier and fun.

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