I had originally intended on posting my review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 today, but a brand new story over at IGN caught my eye and I felt that I had to share it.

Anyone who considers themselves a fan of the RPFPS (Role Playing First Person Shooter) genre should have played the previous two Deus Ex games, luckily for those of you who haven’t, Deux Ex: Human Revolution is a stand alone title presented to us as a prequel. Which means that newcomers to the series can jump right in without needing to have played the previous titles.

A while ago IGN put out a call for fans to ask questions about Deux Ex: Human Revolution. While many questions were asked, Game Director Jean-Francois Dugas decided to answer only a select few… but the ones he answered were definitely the important ones.

Watch The Teaser At IGN

Here’s a brief rundown of the story as we know it, drawn from the Q&A session:

Deus Ex: Revolution takes place in the year 2027 (25 years prior to the first game in the series) in a world where augmentation of the human body through cybernetics is thought (by some) to be the next phase of human evolution. You play Adam Jensen, a security specialist tasked with overseeing the defensive needs of America’s largest biotechnology firms. After suffering a near fatal injury in a rather suspect incident, Adam has to undergo an augmentation procedure in order to save his life, leaving him with cybernetic arms (the full extent of his augmentation has yet to be revealed) and a host of other military grade augmentations.

Question: Can you tell more about the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? (augmented vs. non-augmented, clash tension, state of the world, etc.)

Jean-Francois Dugas: One of the major aspects of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s story revolves around the social conflict between augmented and non-augmented people. In our story, there are people opposed to augmenting the body since they see it as unnatural and don’t think scientists should “play God”. On the other side, some people think it is the natural evolution of the human race and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be trying things like this if it can enhance the quality of life or extend it. It’s all about control of the marketplace, of valuable technologies, of society, of human evolution”¦of truth and lies.

Look for more news about Deus Ex: Human Revolution this summer at E3.

All credit for this one goes out to the fantastic folks over at IGN, I’ve been waiting a long time for the next Deux Ex game and they managed to get a ton of information about a game that has been kept under tight wraps.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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