The upcoming December issue of Game Informer has a cover that almost every gamer can in some way relate to and love. The cover features Game Informer’s 30 Characters Wo Defined a Decade, and is frankly one of the best covers they’ve ever had.

Cover 1:

From Left to Right

Wander: Shadow of the Colossus
Kos Mos: Xenosaga
Ethan Mars: Heavy Rain
The Illusive Man: Mass Effect 2
Master Chief: Halo
Commander Shepherd: Mass Effect
Alyx Vance: Half-Life 2
Raz: Psychonauts
In the back:
Painting of Professor Layton: Professor Layton Series
Painting of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Cover 2:

Glados: Portal
In back: Andrew Ryan: Bioshock
The Boss: MGS
Tim: Braid
Nathan Drake: Uncharted
Elena Fisher: Uncharted
Ezio: Assassin’s Creed
Painting of King of all Cosmos: Katamari
John Marston: Red Dead

Cover 3:

Bonnie Macfarlane: Red Dead
Jimmy Hopkins: Bully
Captain Price: Call of Duty
Loghain Mac Tir: Dragon Age
Kaim: Lost Odyssey
Kratos: God of War
Tommy Vercetti: GTA Vice City
Niko Bellic: GTA IV
Auron: Final Fantasy
Jade: Beyond Good and Evil

Think for a minute, just how many of these games did you play? How many hours did you spend with these characters, discovering their secrets, helping to solve their problems, accepting them for their flaws and helping them to overcome their weaknesses?

Gaming is unlike other forms of media in that we actually interact with the characters on the screen,  I didn’t just watch some actor shoot Wrex or save Earth from the Covenant… I did those things. The choices we make will affect the lives of these characters for the rest of the series.

I can almost guarantee that every gamer out there has one unforgettable moment with at least one character on this cover.

Like it or not, these characters made their way into your life in some way.

click for the full spread

– Dr Strange Lulz

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