darelogodownloadlink.jpgA side show at this years EIF (when it should have been made a big part of the proceedings) was the ‘Dare to be Digital’ competition, where aspiring game designers produced prototype games and set them against each other in a kind of half-finished gaming deathmatch (no not really). The Protoplay event, held the day after the EIF finished , let the public come along and play the entrants before the winner was announced. Now they have been made available for download at www.daretobedigital.com so you can try them out for yourself. I haven’t yet had a chance to go through them all as yet (I had to be home pretty sharpish after the EIF so didn’t have time to sample them at the event) but there look to be some pretty interesting offerings available. Remember though that they’re prototypes and as such may not work with all hardware configurations.
(From ScottishGames.biz.)

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