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For students interested in breaking into the gaming industry, there are many online degree programs to provide an education necessary to do so. With the wide variety of programs, however, how can you decide which online degree program at which college or university is the best fit for you and your lifestyle? The following are some of the major aspect of a school or program to analyze when trying to decide:

  • Degree Levels ““ The most common video game degree among students work towards is a bachelor’s degree. These degree programs often provide an overview of the gaming industry, as well as general arts and business courses. They teach students the basics about video game design and animation. You must decide if a bachelor’s degree is all you want to pursue or all you need to pursue, depending on what area of the industry you plan to work in. If you want to focus on a specific area of the industry that requires more advanced skills, you may need to pursue a master’s degree at a school that offers the advanced degree. Master’s degree programs also give students the opportunity to develop their portfolio and learn about the newest technologies affecting the gaming industry.
  • Program Focuses ““ Another important thing to take into consideration when deciding on which online video game degree you’ll pursue is what the focus a program is. There are many different areas of the gaming industry that you can choose to work in, and many programs are geared towards one of these divisions. For instance, you could major in Game Art and Design, where you’ll learn about art, graphics, and modeling while developing skills with animation and design software. A degree in Animation and Visual Effects will focus more on developing characters and their expressions, motions, and sounds. Determine which area of the gaming industry you most want to work in and choose an online degree program that will provide you with the necessary skills.

Technical Requirements ““ Paying attention to the technical requirements of enrolling in a degree program is vital when it comes to online programs. Since online degree programs rarely require students to attend any courses on campus, they use many different online and computer-based technologies to relay information to students. Live-streamed content, virtual classrooms, online conferences and chat rooms, and recorded lectures can all be used throughout a course. In order to participate in this type of learning, you must have reliable access to a computer and the internet. It’s also important in video game degree programs to make sure you have a computer with enough memory to hold large files, like those created and used in animation courses. It’s also recommended that you have other software loaded on your computer, including Photoshop or Illustrator.

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