ccp_games.pngCCP, developer of EVE Online, have announced a partnership with Software portability experts, TransGaming, which will see Transgaming’s software built into the MMO allowing it to be played by Mac and Linux users (which means my son may never be heard from again.) The release of the Mac and Linux versions of EVE are slated for later this year.

Linux players can already enjoy EVE through the use of the Cedega emulation software, which allows windows applications and games to run on linux boxes completely transparently and seamlessly. The partner ship will see TransGaming’s Cedega and Cider (Mac/Windows emulation software) built directly into the EVE client. Halldor Fannar, Chief Technical Officer at CCP said of the partnership:

“We’re pleased to extend our relationship with TransGaming, as the company’s expertise allows us to deliver the most innovative MMOG to more platforms. By integrating TransGaming’s excellent technology, we are able to keep our laser-focus on evolving EVE Online, while simultaneously expanding the EVE universe to even more players.”

Vikas Gupta, CEO of Transgaming, says that EVE presents unique challenges to get it running on mulitple platforms,

“As EVE takes place within a single-server persistent universe, it’s vital that the game is identical in every way across different platforms. This challenge is what makes the partnership with CCP both important and rewarding.”

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