I’ve talked about casual games many times.  In fact, I am one of those advocates of these games ““ games which are easy to play and do not require much time at all.  I was doing my regular Internet reading on various topics when I ran across an article which details the changing landscape of the gaming industry.

I found it really interesting how PCWorld explains the changes:

But gaming’s growth isn’t just due to the Nintendo Wii’s explosive popularity. Rather, it’s due to the booming resurgence of casual games –games that don’t require an eidetic memory for commands and a 36-hour-per-level time commitment in order to provide enjoyable experiences for audiences of any skill set.

That last part is very important ““ audiences of any skill set.  Not everyone is good at video games.  But most everyone can play casual games!  The article continues:

“Five years ago we didn’t have Facebook, MySpace, YouTube. [Kids’] consumption of entertainment has changed–their tolerance is shorter and shorter and shorter. Their whole world is a screen,” Olin says. “Game makers are trying to reflect the world around them, and as such, they’re creating online play patterns that fit the short rhythm of today’s world.”

True enough, casual games reflect the real world.  From farm games to restaurant games and other shop games ““ these are the things that we experience or witness in real life.  I suppose that it one of the biggest things that attract people to casual games.

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