sfiihd.jpgThe countdown ended yesterday, I would have reported it then but I was up all night with an upset baby so spent most of Wednesday walking around like a zombie without the ability to string a coherent sentence together. The big announcement was actually a collection of announcements.

The first, and the one the countdown was for, was that Street Fighter 4 is in development. No news on whether the classic beat ’em up will remain 2D or finally make the step into 3 dimensions, or which characters will be returning to the franchise for this iteration. There are as yet no screens either so you’ll have to make do with the HD shot above from the upcoming Street Fighter II Turbo HD. though you should probably check the trailer out here, if this is an indication of in game graphics then I think we’re all going to be very impressed.

Other games announced were Lost Planet (probably subtitled Origins, and including extra content from the PC version) on the PS3 and Dark Void, also on the PS3. We’re all familiar with what Lost Planet is about by now, but Dark Void remains something of a mystery. Reportedly a third-person steampunk sci-fi action game, no other details are available about it, other than the fact that it has jetpacks.

No release dates were given for any of the announcements apart form the fact that Super Puzzle Fighter II HD has been pushed back till next year.

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