After announcing Starcraft 2earlier in the year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone at Blizzard would be working flat out to get it as polished and shiny as possible. Not so, according to Blizzard’s Rob Pardo:

The way that we develop things, each time a development team becomes available, because they’re done with creating the games that they’ve been doing, they have a lot of say over what their next game is. So what it would take is for one of our teams to decide that they want to make Warcraft RTS and of course, there’ll be some talk about doing that and I’m sure after StarCraft 2 ships, it will be one the ideas on the table for that team to do, but that’s pretty far off in the future and it would really be determined by a combination of the dev team and the company leadership.

So another fantasy RTS is on the table before the fabled Diablo 3? How could they? If you’re hankering after a bit of Diablo like action then Titan Quest is the closest thing there is to it. I would guess that Warcraft 4 will be trying to tap in to the brand awareness of WoW before it gets usurped by the next great MMO
(From Kotaku.)

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