So this weekend held another epic gathering of the gamer persuasion, Blizzcon.

Blizzard’s annual convention is the best opportunity for fans to get the heads-up on all things Blizzard, be it World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, or the upcoming Diablo III. Blizzard spends a weekend debuting new gameplay, screenshots, cutscenes, and information about their games, even giving players the opportunity to chime in with their own opinions and ideas via panels.

One of the nicest surprises at this years Blizzcon was the unveiling of the fifth playable class in Diablo III, the Demon Hunter.

The Demon Hunter seems to be a combination of the Amazon and Assassin classes from Diablo II, she wields dual crossbows, lays traps, and uses a variety of magical and non-magical weapons in her quest to eliminate the foul denizens of hell that plague the world of Diablo III.

This fleet of foot fighter specializes in slowing her enemies and then taking them out en masse with her multishots and exploding orbs, combined with a short range speedburst dodge the Demon Hunter is a versatile and altogether deadly class.

Take a look at the other classes on the Diablo III website and stay tuned for upcoming news about the game.

– Nick Barker (Dr Strange Lulz)

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