Earlier this year Bioware Montreal was seeking multiplayer programmers to work on an unnamed multiplayer Mass Effect project that would “take existing single player user experiences and make them multiplayer safe.”.

This unknown project is supposedly an attempt to appeal to the Call of Duty market, including full player progression as well as a first person shooter component. This project is expected to be revealed at this years Spike Video Game Awards on December 11th, and earlier we caught a quick glimpse at what it might be through a teaser.

The December reveal is timed perfectly to draw up attention for the January release of PS3’s version of Mass Effect 2, which although late, is guaranteed to sell quite well despite it’s delay of release.

The gun shown in the teaser is remarkably similar to the M29-Incisor rifle from DLC.

Tune in to Spike’s Video Game Awards on December 11th, at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific for the full reveal as well as some of the latest news in the video game world.

– Nick Barker

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